Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cupcake Wars anyone?

There is this new show on Food Network called Cupcake Wars, and it takes 4 cupcake bakers every week + 3 cupcake taste & presentation challenges. Every week I see people come up completely new recipes (sea salt + seaweed infused cupcakes??) and then build huge, crazy displays to present a thousand cupcakes...all in 2 hours.

It really makes me ask myself...if I had wanted to DIY my own cupcake display for my wedding...could I have done it? Given that I would've stuck to normal vanilla cupcakes w/ vanilla frosting and had an entire team of my girlfriends helping me...could I have pulled off a display of 200 cupcakes for my guests?

Obviously I didn't get the chance to try (it was too risky at the time!) but sometimes I still think about it....and dream about what I might've/could've any of you ever think this way? Or did any of you actually try to DIY your own cake? Or are you planning on it? Comment away!

Wouldn't these be adorable? Get them at HelloHanna!


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