Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses - The Cotton Bride

Here it is! For Green Week, I really wanted to feature some eco-friendly vendors, particularly designers who consciously make the decision to use sustainable fabrics in their gowns.

One such designer is Chris Kole of The Cotton Bride. All of The Cotton Bride gowns are hand-sewn right here in the USA and are created with luscious blends of cotton, linen and other natural fabrics. I had a chance to interview The Cotton Bride to learn more about the inspiration for the collection...read below!

What was your inspiration for creating your collections?

I was excited at the prospect of creating a bridal line using natural fabrics but applying the same couture design standards as I use in the evening collection. I felt that there was room in the bridal market for beautifully made, natural bridal gowns that was not being addressed. I also wanted to create an alternative to the traditional wedding gown which many young brides today do not necessarily relate to and offer, instead, a collection of gowns which is more in tune with their lifestyle, values and priorities.

What is your favorite piece in your collections?

I don't have a favorite dress, per se, but when I'm working with a bride, I find myself choosing one or two styles that I feel work really well for that particular bride

What are the general price points?

n the whole, most of the gowns in the collection are now priced between 1 - 2K. We completely changed our business model beginning in January of this year. Rather than selling the collection through bridal stores, we now work and sell directly to the brides themselves - without the standard retail markups. For example, a dress that used to cost $2530 at retail, we now sell for $1495.

Where can brides purchase your products?

In the US, the collection is available exclusively through our LIC Bridal Studio, which is part of our design and workroom here in New York City.

aren't these dresses amazing? gotta love the draping!

images courtesy of WeddingWire


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