Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bridesmaid's Dresses for Operation Prom

Have some bridesmaid dresses in the closet? Put them to good use by donating them to Operation Prom, a not-for-profit organization that helps local New York teenagers who are in need of a fabulous frock. If you live in NYC, you can drop them off at 57 Grand from March 9th through 13th. For other drop-off locations, click here!

Though not all bridesmaid dresses are re-wearable, trendy brides are definitely trying to keep that in mind as they select the design for their gals. For some ideas of how to re-wear, check out the 57 Grand website.


Unknown said...

While the producers were in the bridal boutique where the show takes place they overheard a commotion between women in another part of the store over which bridesmaid dresses to select. hot pink bridesmaid dresses

Glenn said...

Wonderful blog.

Unknown said...

These dresses are truly amazing,can't wait for your mew post.

Annabelle said...

Thanks for your share . I like your article.

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