Saturday, January 23, 2010

Engagement Picture creativity - Balloons!

In 2009, we saw a lot of interesting trends appear in engagement pictures. Some that I liked and others that I thought were too costumey (sorry! I gotta be honest here! When your children look back at your pictures thirty years from now, they're going to wonder if you were actually living in the 1950s in your mid-20s)

In the next few entries, I'll show you the ones I really liked...and perhaps a few ideas that I think will catch on for in the coming seasons.

First off - there was a case of balloon fever:

 {simply bloom}

 {max wanger via A Cup of Jo}

 {eric hearts court}

{sarah yates}

Even though the balloon seems kind of random (it's not like you would normally carry around a balloon while walking across the brooklyn bridge), it really brings a focal point and a splash of color to your pictures=D


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