Monday, December 21, 2009

Monica and Simon - Part I

I'm super excited to share my very own wedding pictures with all of you! In particular, I just want to say a big thank you to our friends and family, who made this day possible. Enjoy =)

the sweetest thing that happened that day: Simon wrote me a note before the day even got started just to tell me how excited he was! I now carry that note with me everyday =)

We had been encouraged by our family to see each other before the wedding, so that we could have a moment alone to pray and chat before all the excitement began. I think you can tell that I was just as excited as Simon.

Everything seemed ready! My dress was perfect, Simon's Nikes were tied, the flowers were ready, and all of our helpers were set in their positions...the only thing left to do was to walk down that aisle.

officially husband and wife! All smiles and no tears =)

Our bridal party was so supportive of us. They are truly the best friends we could possibly have =)

Thank you again to all the guests who came to support and encourage us in this next step of our lives!

pictures via PhatWeddingPhotography
hair/makeup by Winnie Chan - 646-823-6955
dress - Mori Lee via RKBridal
bridesmaid dress - WToo via RKBridal
shoes - Cole Haan

Stay tuned for Part II!


Bernie said...

What a handsome video camera guy!

Alice said...

If Simon were grinning any wider during the service, I think his cheeks would have cracked!

Phat Baby Photographer said...

You two look so cute

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