Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alicia and Matt - Bold Cultural Celebration (Part II)

What's special about this wedding is that it's a union of two cultures. It was a unique opportunity for both families to experience the traditional Cambodian culture of the Penn family with some down-to-earth American details, like the tasty buttercream cakes and the remixes of 80s pop and hip-hop dance music.

buttercream cake: Ms. Therese Harding, 443-540-8391
grooms's cake: college friends with creative talent

boogie with: The Remixologists
venue: Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant

photography: CarmenWangStudio

A few notes from the bride:

Favorite dress: My favorite outfit was the pink skirt and top I wore during the beginning of the reception-- my sister found the material in an old suitcase while she was helping my aunt organize her house.  The suitcase was full of cloth my grandma had saved for our weddings. Since my grandma passed away when I was in the 5th grade, I felt like it was a lucky sign when Phedra (my sister) called to tell me what she had found!

Favorite moment of the day: Every so often I would notice Matt doing a totally random task to help out.  It made me really happy that he put his game face on for the wedding and took all the chaos in stride

Congratulations Alicia & Matt! May your future be full of fountain-penn happiness!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog and how you articulated the story of our wedding! The Fountain-Penns

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