Saturday, October 17, 2009

paper goods - transcribing love into words

So when the two of us were working on our invitations, we got into a debate over whether our invitation should be classy, fun, or bold...and then there was the decision of what kind of font to use and what words we wanted to display. It was a lot of decision-making! And it wasn't an easy decision because I felt like it was how we were transcribing our love to our guests...and it better be representative of who we are. But how we can we possibly represent ourselves in one single paragraph? 

Then we remembered...a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Our awesome friend, Grace Li, offered to help us design something truly personal. Take a look below!

And yes - that actually looks like us =) why the nike shoes? it seems random - but it's a shared love, and niketown is the place where we went on our first date AND got engaged. My friends accuse me for shamelessly plugging the brand...but hey, I'm a fan! 

I love how Grace made it personal and yet it's simple and practical - we didn't even include an rsvp card or an inner envelope (all of our guests rsvp'd online at our wedding website!) This ended up saving us a couple dollars on each invitation and when you invite 260 people...those savings add up!


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